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Judith Okello - ECOMAMA alumna, graduated in 2008

It is one thing to undertake a master degree and another to pursue master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (Oceans and Lakes). This statement summarises the breath-taking experience I had during my master and my feelings towards this course. As a much older student in this line, I went through Ecological Marine Management (ECOMAMA), the programme that would later give rise to Oceans and Lakes.

Having done terrestrial forestry for my bachelor’s degree, it would be difficult for someone else to comprehend how I fitted in ECOMAMA. My first day in class seemed adventurous but I was able to appreciate better the uniqueness of the marine ecosystem. I realised that with the science background that I had, ECOMAMA was able to help build my interests in line with the marine environment. The programme has a wide scope and as such at least every single aspect important for me as a research scientist is adequately tackled. It has now become quite easy for me interact with other scientists from the same line and share ideas. At higher levels of learning, one can then decide to specialise further depending on personal interests. I am now on the last phase of my PhD and still apply most of the techniques gained during my master degree. ECOMAMA has natured me in to a confident young scientists with vast knowledge that would help sustainably manage our natural resources. This is particularly important for my country (Kenya) which is still struggling to foster development amidst environmental degradation.



                                               Leonie Bushbeck - O&L student, will graduate in 2018

 Brussels is the vibrant capital of Europe. Studying here exposes you to historic architecture, a hip music and arts scene and of course to Belgium beer and waffles. At the same time, nature is just around the corner with many parks and the beautiful strolling hills of the Ardennes that invite you to go hiking, canoeing, climbing or mountain biking. What I like most about O&L is that it involves a lot of practical work. It gives you the chance to get out into the field and apply your knowledge. Besides that, I highly value the international environment of O&L!


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